Linking environmentally friendly production and sustainable consumption

What future role will LCA play in the increasing demand for traceability and quality management facing the food sector on the sensitive markets?
How may LCA facilitate improved product development with reduced environmental impact in the primary sector and the processing sector?

Presently, a number of food companies and organisations have experiences on the use of LCA to analyse new food products/processes, document improvements and to compare different production methods or consumer choices.

Problems with lack of representative inventory data and methods for a product-oriented analysis of the complex bio-technical interactions in agriculture are currently being solved in different countries. This conference will build on the previous initiatives/ seminars on LCA in food sector and present new experiences.

The overall aim is to strengthen the use of LCA as a tool for product development, policy and guidelines for sustainable food production and consumption.

Objectives of the LCA conference

  • To present recent developments in the use of LCA in agriculture and the food industry in order to facilitate improvement in sustainable food production and consumption.
  • To strengthen the links between researchers and users of LCA in order to promote standardised procedures for inventories and methodological choices in LCA.
  • To present recent developments in Life Cycle Inventories.
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