Storage at room temperature in wholesale
(Opbevaring ved stuetemperatur i engros lager)


Process description

The present data refer to storage at roomtemperature in wholesale in Sweden. The technology is unknown.

Data collection and treatment

Data are derived from a literature review by Carlsson-Kanyama (2000).

The energy consumption, Ep for storage of a given product at room temperature can be roughly estimated by following formula:

Ep = Es × Mp × t




Es is the specific energy consumption of storage room  (MJ per kg per day). See below.


Mp is the mass of the considered product (kg).


t is the time of the storage (days).

Technical scope

The present data include electricity and heat consumption for storing products at roomtemperature in Sweden.


Although the Swedish climate is somewhat colder than the Danish, the data supposedly provides a reasonable order of magnitude of exchanges associated with storage at room temperature in Denmark.


Data have not been validated.

Inputs and outputs

Electricity and heat consumption associated with storage at room temperature in wholesale. 5-10% of space is used for products.


Specific energy consumption, Es

MJ per kg per day1)

Storage at room temperture

Electricity: 0.0052
Thermal energy 0.0078:

1) For determination of impacts associated with food products ex retail, it has been assumed that products such as flour, oat flakes, vegetable oil and sugar occupy space for three days in wholesale while bread occupy space in one day.



Carlsson-Kanyama A (2000): Energy use in the food sector - A data survey. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Naturvårdsverket. AFR-report 291.

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