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Food consumption is one of the major driving forces behind environmental impact and resource consumption in Danish households1).

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool for an aggregated description of emissions, waste and the resource use from soil to kitchen per unit of different food items.

The present site provides LCA data on basic food products produced and consumed in Denmark. The site covers processes from primary sectors such as agriculture and fishery through industrial foodprocessing to retail and cooking.

The environmental impact of pork production from a life cycle perspective
Ph.D. Thesis by Randi Lundshøj Dalgaard (april 2008)

Danish pork production: An environmental assessment (Randi Dalgaard, Niels Halberg & John Hermansen)
DJF Animal Science no. 82 - nov-2007

5th International Conference "LCA in Foods" 25-26 April 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden (jan-2007)

Environmental assessment of vegetables (jan-2007)


LCAfood-conference Proceedings from the 4th International Conference, October 6-8, 2003, Bygholm, Denmark

1Dall O,Toft J, Andersen TT (2002). Danske husholdningers miljøbelastning (Environmental impacts of Danish households). Danish Environmental Protection Agency. (Arbejdsrapport 13). In Danish.