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Opening session:
Product orientation in the Danish Food Sector: Mr. Erik Schulz, Th. Schulz Catering A/S
Life Cycle Thinking For Food Industry Sectors - A Global Perspective: Anne Solgaard, UNEP

Theme 1: Applications of LCA

Session 1: Use of LCA in the food industry
Life cycle assessment of bread production - a comparison of eight different scenarios: G.A. Reinhardt
Comparison of industrial bread production with home baking: Lone Rosing
Slaughterhouse waste to feed or to fuel – a comparison of systems in term of energy balances, land use and emissions: Hans B. Wittgren
Moderator: Peter Schonfield


Session 2: Primary agricultural production
Environmental assessment of contrasting pig farming systems: Claudine Basset-Mens
LCA of Animal Products from Different Housing Systems: Relevance of Feedstuffs, Infrastructure and Energy Use: Stefan Erzinger
Life Cycle Inventory of the Galician dairy sector: Almudena Hospido
Moderator: John E. Hermansen

Session 3: Fish culture
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Thai Shrimp Products: Rattanawan Mungkung
The development of Life Cycle Assessment for the evaluation of rainbow trout farming in France: Elias Papatryphon
Environmental impacts from Danish Fish Products: Mikkel Thrane
Moderator: Theo Geerken

Theme 2: Methodology

Session 4: Inventory
Operation specific engine load pattern and exhaust gas emission data from vehicles used in typical agricultural operations: Per-Anders Hansson
The ecoinvent database: use for the agri-food sector: Thomas Nemecek
An LC inventory based on representative and coherent farm types: Randi Dalgaard
First things first - how we identified the affected processes in LCAfood, and why it is important: Anne Merete Nielsen
Moderator: Sarah Cowell

Session 5: Indicators of sustainable food use
Life Cycle-Based Sustainability Indicators for Assessment of the U.S. Food System, G.A. Keoleian
Sustainability in the Agrofood Sector: Klaas Jan Kramer
Moderator: Morten Løber


Session 6: Land use in LCA
Land occupation and transformation in life cycle inventories: Niels Jungbluth
A new land use impact assessment method for LCA: theoretical fundaments and field validation: Jan Peters
Land transformation as a consequence of increased soya production in Argentina: Walter Pengue
Moderator: Bo Weidema

Closing session: Where do we go from now?
Is there a link between LCA and animal welfare and quality assurance schemes: Niels Halberg, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
The development from 1st to 4th LCA-Food conference: Methodological gains, improvements in inventory: Berit Mattson, The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology
Possible benefits from using LCA & LCM in the agro-food chain, example from a dairy company: Inger Larsson, Arla Food