Access to data and model in "SimaPro"

Access to data and model in the LCA tool SimaPro can be achieved by the following procedure:

1) Install a full version or a free demo version of SimaPro on your computer.

2) Create a directory somewhere on your harddisk called "LCAfood".

3) Download the LCA model ( (SimaPro 7).

4) Open "" using Winzip (75 "FDD"-files will appear).

5) Extract all 75 files into your new directory named "LCAfood".

6) Open SimaPro.

7) Click "Open SimaPro data base" in the "File" menu.

8) Click "Browse" to find the directory called "LCAfood" and click "Open".

9) Select "LCAfood" in the pop-up menu "projects" (the menu "Projects" is also available in the "File"-menu).

10) Click "Processes" in the "Inventory"-menu at left.

11) In the menu in the middle, Click

  • "Materials" to find data on Danish basic food products from agriculture, aquaculture, fishery, industry, whole sale and supermarket.
  • "Energy" to find data on electricity and heat applied in calculations, as well as data on traction steaming in fishing vessels.
  • "Processing" to find data on processes in agriculture and in some industries. Click "Use" to find data on the consumerís storage and cooking.
  • "Waste treatment" to find data data on waste treatment and handling of by-products.

12) Use SimaPro's functions to analyze and compare products. User manuals can be found in the "Help" menu.