Production of feed phosphate


Feed phosphate can be supplemented pig and chicken feed to ensure optimal growth of animals.

Process description

Monocalcium phosphate (MCP), Ca(H2PO4)·H2O is widely used as phosphate source in feed in Denmark and the present data refer to this substance.

MCP can be produced in different ways and the following data refer to production from burnt chalk (CaO) and phosphoric acid (H3PO4), see Ullmanns (1979). The main production processes are following: 1) CaO and H3PO4 is mixed in a reaction tank and MCP is produced 2) MCP is granulated, dried and sieved 3) the coarse fraction from sieving is returned to the granulator (eventually after a crushing process) and the fine fraction is cooled and stored for packing.

Data collection and treatment

Industrial production data are confidential (two European producers and Sector Group Inorganic Feed Phosphates (CEFIF) have been consulted) and data on main raw material consumption have been generated by combining stoichiometric quantities of CaO and H3PO4 according to the following reaction scheme: CaO and H3PO= Ca(H2PO4)·H2O

Technical scope

The process include stoichiometric quantities of CaO and H3PO4. Exact quantities of energy and raw materials consumed in production process is unknown and so is application of helping agents and eventual emissions to the environment during production. 


The largest environmental impacts associated with MCP production is probably CaO production (CaCO3 + energy =  CaO + CO2) and H3PO4 production (raw phosphate + H2SO4 = ) and estimates of of MCP's overall environmental profile is probably only slightly underestimated in spite of the poor data background.


No validation has been performed.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with feed phosphate production (100% MCP). Data are provided per kg of MCP.

    Unit Quantity
Inputs Materials  
  burnt chalk (CaO) kg 0.222
  Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) 100% solution kg 0.778
Outputs Products    
  Monocalciumphosphate (CaHPO4·H2O) kg 1.0

Location in database: Material/Chemicals/Mineral Feed, P


Ullmanns Encyclopädie der technischen Chemie (1979), 4., Auflage. Band 18. Verlag Chemie.

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