Fishmeal and oil production
(produktion af fiskemel og fiskeolie)


Fishmeal and oil are industrial products made from industrial fish (fish for reduction) caught in the sea and from fish waste from fish industry. Fishmeal is used as ingredient in animal feed and fish oil is used as ingredient in both animal feed and human food products.

Process description

The present data refer to fishmeal and oil production in one major factory in Esbjerg, TrippleNine where the production processes are following: 1) The raw material of industrial fish is boiled in its own juice by an indirect supply of steam. 2) The cooked fish is separated into a dry fraction (press cake) and a liquid fraction (press water) by pressing. 3) The fish oil is separated from the press water by centrifugation. 4) The press cake is dried at temperatures ranging from 70 to 100°C by means of indirect steam until a moisture content of 5-10%. 5) The dried press cake is cooled and milled into fishmeal and antioxidant is added. 6) The oil is packed in metal drums and the meal is packed in bags before delivery. The factory produces about 220.000 ton of fishmeal and 60.000 ton of fish oil. The factory is modern and it is committed to energy saving and environmental protection through its official policy.

Data collection and treatment

All data are derived from TrippleNine’s May and June record in 2000 when 100% of fish-input was sandeel.

Technical scope

All production processes as well as heating and lightening are included. Packaging is not included


The factory produces about 220.000 ton fishmeal and 60.000 ton fish oil per year and is the second largest producer in the world.


Good agreement has been found between the present data and data from a similar processes (confidential source).

Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with fishmeal and oil production are shown in the table below Data are provided per kg of fishmeal (5-10% moisture) at the fishmeal factory’s gate.


  Materials/fuels Unit Quantity
Inputs Sand eel kg 4.66
  Formaline (37 % formaldehyde) g 10.8
  Antioxidants g 0.309
  Sulphuric acid. H2SO4 g 2.1
  Sodiumhydroxide, NaOH g 4.8
  Nitric acid, HNO3 g 0.52
  Hydrochloric acid. HCl g 0.38
  Electricity kWh 0.19
  Heat MJ 6.2
Outputs Products    
  Fishmeal kg 1
  Fish oil kg 0.21
  Wastewater to municipal
waste water treatment plant
  COD g 4.5
  N-tot g 1.1
  P-tot mg 31
  Emission to sea    
  COD g 0.56
  N-tot g 0.54
  P-tot mg 5.2

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