Peeling and freezing shrimp
(Afskalning og frysning af rejer)


Shrimp for human consumption are often subject to industrial processing (cooking, peeling, freezing and packing) before distribution to the market.

Process description

The present data refer to industrial freezing and packing of shrimps in one factory. The main processes are following: 1) frozen shrimps entering the factory are defrozen, 2) the defrozen shrimps are matured at 12oC, 3) the shrimps are peeled 4) the peeled shrimps are cooked 5) the cooked shrimps salted, cooled and frozen individually in a flowfreezer 6) the frozen shrimps are covered with a thin layer of ice ("glasification") and packed.

Data collection and treatment

Data have been collected from Naajaq Seafood Esbjerg A/S in 1993, see Dansk Industri (1995). Average energy consumption per produced unit has been calculated. It has been assumed that shells etc. constitute 25% of shrimps.

Technical scope

Energy consumtion from all production processes at the factory are included. Other inputs and outputs such as water consumption and wastewater generation are not considered.


The Danish fish industri has been subject to significant energy saving activities after the present dataset has been established in 1993 and energy consumption in the industry is probably somewhat lower today. 


No validation has been performed

Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with peeling and freezing are shown in the table below. Data are provided per 2520 kg peeled and frozen shrimps at the factory's gate without packaging.

    Unit Quantity
Inputs Shrimp ton 7600
  Electricity MWh 2000
  Heat MWh 7297
Outputs Shrimps, peeled and frozen. ton 2520
Shrimp shells etc. ton 5000

Location in database: Material/Food from Industry/from fish industry/Shrimps, peeled and frozen

Dansk industri (1995). Brancheenergianalyse for fiskeindustrien (in Danish). By Matcon A/S og Dansk Energi Analyse A/S. Published by Dansk Industri (ISBN 87-7353-171-5). Available at The Royal Danish Library.

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