Ice production


e is used as cooling medium for cool storage of fish in fishing vessels and harbors in fish industry and during fish transportation.

Process description

The present data refer to ice making in five Danish ice factories located primarily in Western Jutland. The exact technology is unknown. Equipment appears to be modern and well maintained.

Data collection and treatment

Data have been collected from five different ice factories. All data are based on the factories yearly records in 2000. Average electricity consumption has been calculated.

Technical scope

Data include all electricity consuming processes: e.g. pumping, freezing, internal transportation, light and ventilation. Packaging is not included.


The five considered factories are covering about 75% of the Danish market. Since ice production is a relatively simple process with small variations of exchanges, the present data set is considered very representative to ice production in Denmark.


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Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with ice production are shown in the table below. Data are provided per kg of ice at the ice factory's gate.











Outputs Ice  kg  1.0


Administrative information

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Version no.: 1.00
Authors: Erik Ol
esen, H°jmarkslaboratoriet and Per H. Nielsen 2.-0 LCA Consultants.
Data entry: Data have been entered in this format by
Erik Olesen.

Data completed: July 2003.