Milk powder production (mælkepulverproduktion)


Process description

The present data refer to milk powder production in Kjersing Condensfactory (Arla Foods) in 2002  where the main production processes are following: 1) fresh milk is received from farms 2) the milk is pasteurised 3) the pasteurised milk is concentrated by evaporation, 4) concentrated milk is dried in fluid bed, 5) the dry milk is packed and stored at in a slightly heated storage room prior to distribution. Wastewater generated during the process is pre-treated at the dairy's wastewater treatment plant before it is diverted to municipal wastewater treatment plant. Kjersing Condensfactory is characterised by a high specialisation in milkpowder production and processes are automatic and modern.

Data collection and treatment

Data are derived from Kjersing condensfactory's records (Green Account 2001/2002). Average exchanges per produced unit of milkpowder have been calculated ignoring minor contributions from other products.

Technical scope

Production processes from receival of milk to storage of the final product before distribution as well as administration and wastewater treatment are included. Packaging, cleaning agents, chemicals and ingredients other than milk are not included. Minor contributions from secondary products produced at the dairy have been neglected.


Kjersing Condens factory is a major producer of milkpowder in Denmark and the present data provides a reasonable representation of milkpowder production in Denmark. Environmenmtal impacts are mostly associated with water removal from the milk (evaporation and drying) and the data provide a resonalble estimate for any quality of milk powder .


No validation has been performed

Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with milk powder production are shown in the table below. Data are provided per ton milk powder without packaging at the factory's gate.

    Unit Quantity
Inputs Milk from farm ton 7.8
  Electricity kWh 354
  Heat MJ 7155
  Water m3 4.7
Outputs Product    
  Milk powder ton 1.00
  Emissions to municipal wastewater treatment plant    
  COD kg 6.9
  N kg 0.27
  P kg 0.11

Location in database: Waste treatment/Others/Milk Powder production

Administrative information

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Version no.: 1.00
Authors: Per H. Nielsen, 2.-0 LCA Consultants
Data entry: Data have been entered in this format by Per H. Nielsen

Data completed: July 2003.