Soy crushing (presning af sojab°nner)


Soy beans can be crushed industrially to produce soy cake and soy oil

Process description

The present data refer to soy crushing in Switzerland in early nineties where the production processes are following: 1) Soybeans are received from farms, 2) the soybeans are pulverized, 3) the pulverised beans are pressed and soy oil and soy meal are separated 4) oil remaining in soy meal is extracted with hexane, 5) soy meal is toasted, granulated, cooled and stored for distribution 6) soy oil from hexane extraction is gained by vacuumdestillation and mixed with oil from obtained from pressing, 7) soy oil is rafinated and stored for distribution.

Data collection and treatment

Data have been derived from Reusser (1994) who has summarised literaturedata.

Technical scope

Production processes relatede to soy crusing are included. It is unknown whether administration is inlcuded. Packaging is not included.


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Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with soy crushing. Data are provided per kg of soy oil at the factory's gate.

    Unit Quantity
Inputs Materials/fuels    
  Soy Bean ton 5.6
  Hexane g 376
Outputs Products    
  Soy meal ton 4.6
  Soy oil ton 1.0
  Heat MJ 2240
  Electricity kWh 64.7
  Emission to air    
  Hexane g 376 
  CO2 kg 140
  CO g 22.7
  NOx g 169
  VOC g 66.1
  SO2 g 12.1
  Emission to water    
  BOD g  0.09
  COD g 0.32
  Nitrate g 0.02

Location in database: Material/Food from industry/from feed industry/Soy Meal


Reusser L (1994). Íkobilanz des Soja÷ls. ETH Lausanne, Switzerland. In German.

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