Sugar production (Sukker produktion)


Sugar can be produced from sugar beets.

Process description

The present data refer to sugar production in Danisco Sugar. The main processes are following: 1) Sugar beets from local farmers are transported to the factory by trucks and tractors, 2) the sugar beets are washed and cut into pieces, 3) the sugar is extracted from the beets with hot water (70oC) and the pulp and liquid are separated, 4) the liquid is purified with calcium carbonate 5) the purified liquid is cooked in two steps in order to remove water and to form sugar crystals, 6) the thick liquid with crystals is centrifuged and sugar crystals and molasses (a thick brown liquid) are separated, 7) the sugar is stored in silos and packed for distribution to the market. The pulp is used for animal feed and molasses is used for yeast production, alcohol production or as animal feed. By-products such as grass and sugar beet tops are used as animal feed. Production is taking place during the "campaign" from September to January. Heat and electricity for production processes is produced at the factory during campaign while purchased from the national grid during rest of the year. Wastewater generated during the process is treated in the factory's wastewater treatment plant.

Data collection and treatment

Data have been derived from the Danisco Sugar Assens green account (2001/2002) except data on co-products production (molasses and feed pills) which have been derived from Danisco Sugar Nakskov's green account (2001/2002).

Technical scope

All production processes as well as administration, product storage and wastewater treatment are included. Cooling water, packaging and chemicals consumption as well as solid waste generation have not been considered.


Danisco has a significant share of the Danish market and the data are very representative to sugar production in Denmark


Data from Danisco Sugar Assens have been compared wit data from Danisco Sugar Nakskov and Nykbing. Data  from the three factories vary to some extent but are generally in the same order of magnitude.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs associated with sugar production are shown in the table below. Data are provided per ton of sugar at the gate of the factory.


    Unit Quantity
Inputs Sugar beet ton 7.3
  Water m3 1.6
  Electricity kWh 23
  Heat GJ 6.1
Outputs Products    
  Sugar ton 1
  Molasses ton 0.24
  Feed pills ton 0.33
  Grass, cut off etc. ton 0.53
  Emission to municipal wastewater treatment plant    
  BOD g 5.8
  N-tot g 27
  P-tot g 1.5

Location in database: Material/Food from industry/ from other industries/sugar




Danisco Sugar green accounts (2001/2002).


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